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Sunday morning and its pouring with rain as I head from Hamilton to Glasgow on the train. Celtic Connections is coming to a close but with one day left I’m getting excited to see Charlie Gray as part of the New Faces series of concerts. Show starts at one o’clock and already the gig is upon us. As one of the last to enter the hall I noticed a full house which surprised me for an afternoon show.

Charlie had surrounded himself with 6 other musicians including Duncan Chisholm Josie Duncan and¬† Joseph Peach to give a fantastic depth to his music. The show started tentatively as the counted each other in. A slow melancholic air beautifully set with a subtle double bass and cello making it wonderfully eerie. As we as an audience were about to applaud Josie Duncan started to sing. With one of the most powerful voices she really didn’t need a microphone and sang like an angel to a spellbound hall. When she finished we heard the very accomplished Charlie Gray speak about the concert. He had based it around the music of Lochaber and the rich heritage from the most beautiful part of Scotland. He played true to his word with every tune describing, or coming from the landscape of his homeland.

The concert lasted only an hour but we were introduced to a remarkable young man who plays with finesse and a lovely reasssuring scratchy bow which does not impede his sound but adds a rawness perhaps heard through the centuries. It is what in my opinion makes Charlie stand apart. He seems not to want to rush through tunes but rather take his time to ensure every note is played out.

At the end of a rather quick¬† show the audience were on their feet applauding loudly marvelling at what they had just witnessed and demanding more. Sadly there was no more just the chance for me to jump down the front and get a very quick chat with Charlie. He asked for my phone and put in his number. ‘No problem for an interview Norrie when its a bit quieter’. He had looked at my lanyard and caught my name to use as a reference but I thought that was another nice touch from an engaging young man.

Went out into the Glasgow rain back to the train station thinking that went very quick but at least ive secured an interview

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