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14th Nov Andrew Wilson was talking about the politicisation of poppy day. It seems you may be persecuted for not wearing a poppy in the UK. Other symbols of respect are available so why the loyalty to the red poppy. Of course the British establishment love nothing more than talking of the war it gives tham an angle to reminisce of a time no one remembers so they can create a false sense of patriotism. Richi Sunak says higher taxes […]

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21st Nov Today I welcomed an old friend Kevin Gibney on to the show where we talked about Scottish Civil Rights and how the grasroots media could still be a small though  important  cog in the big wheel of the independence juggernaut. Making connections and working together with IndependenceLive helping to ensure our people here the full debate on Scottish politics and know more about our sports and culture. 22nd Nov Andrew Wilson joined me a day later than usual […]

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Sun 27th Nov . What passes for the British constitution is ­famously uncodified and largely unwritten, a make-work of rags and patches, empty bling and hand-me-down protocol which politicians treat as gospel or guidelines as political expediency tends. The British constitution is the name we give to dignify a bag of stitch-ups and holding positions, confidence tricks, stopgaps and compromises. It’s a bundle of old parchments, negotiable ­etiquette, conventions more honoured in the breach than the observance, and the all-important […]

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Kate Reid

Ally Heather

Ally joined Norrie to discuss his campaign for mates to tell those who they know that are degrading or  insulting females its just not on.  Politics and the na trads awards which Ally was presenting were also discussed.

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31st Oct Andrew Wilson at his usual best tackling the outcome of the Brazilian election were Bolsorano was defeated by the rather aging Lula de Silva. Will Brazil protect the rainforests now a new leader is in place. Claims of vote rigging from the defeated camp contiue to rumble. Scotland it as been revealed has the most people on min wage. This means more people are getting the wage they deserve compared to other parts of the UK. Usual tory […]

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