Month: May 2023

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Maria Quinn

The amazingly talented Maria Quinn has arrived on the scene with not so much an immediate bang but a slow burner. This album Closure challenges our perspectives about modern music and draws us in to some fascinating story telling. Its difficult to tell if Maria is a poet or musician first (she excells in both ) At first listen you are drawn to either the narrative or the music but after a few listens it becomes obvious of all the different […]

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Lucie Hendry

Lucie Hendry is one of those rare talents to come out of Scotland and reinvent harp music by moving abroad. By moving to  Denmark she has taken full advantage of the Nordic Jazz scene over there. The result is a fabulous juxtoposition of Scottish traditional harp fused with wonderful guitar and drums. Sometimes fusion can be very messsy but this recording of Land of Eden is just perfect. For purists it may take a few listens to get in the groove […]

todayMay 13, 2023 81