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31st Oct Andrew Wilson at his usual best tackling the outcome of the Brazilian election were Bolsorano was defeated by the rather aging Lula de Silva. Will Brazil protect the rainforests now a new leader is in place. Claims of vote rigging from the defeated camp contiue to rumble. Scotland it as been revealed has the most people on min wage. This means more people are getting the wage they deserve compared to other parts of the UK. Usual tory hypocrisy and lies to discuss.

Ist Nov and its over to Canada to chat with Director of Covid and Director of Transformation of Nova Scotia health Raj Makker. First met Raj in his hospital after being invited to meet him to discuss what we are doing in Scotland. The interest shown by foreign onlookers in Scotlands advances is amazing. Nova Scotia has a ratio of 110,000 people to one doctor. Raj was interested in no tuition fees as a main driver of supply. He told us of his ‘walk with a doc’  initiative which has been a success. This is one guy who is looking at Scotland very carefully.

2nd Nov I was absolutely delighted to speak with Aaron Jones the ubiquitous musician who along with Rachel Walker released their new album ‘Despite the Wind and Rain’ a tribute to those women who have made their mark in this world. One song ‘rule of thumb’ is about the measure of how thick a a rod should be to hit your wife with. The album is full of minimalistic music allowing the stories to be told. The vocal harmonies are a delight to the ears and Aaron knows hoe to pitch it all together wonderfully.

3rd Nov Its Bill Cruikshank on today to go over the main issues one of which is Keir Starmers bizzare claims that Nicola Sturgeon wants to wait till the pandemic is over before a referendum can be organised. Scotland blew a huge raspberry back at him. Arrogance, lies and more dangerous talk on immigration and nuclear power further alienated Labour in Scotland. Recieved an email with digital copies of new music. I decided to play them without first checking them out to show how bad or good the music we can recieve really is. Well this was a fantastic surprise as a poem from Kate Reid was played out. She is booked in for a chat next Tuesday.

4th Nov Some guests are so busy its really difficult pinning them down. Iona Fyffe is one of those people. However when we got her on she did not disappoint. Although known as an excellet singer and advocate of the Scottish language Iona certainly knows her politics. We spent most of the conversation talking about Scotland amd independence. She has a new single out Lady Finella which of course is superb

Written by: Norrie Hunter

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