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14th Nov

Andrew Wilson was talking about the politicisation of poppy day. It seems you may be persecuted for not wearing a poppy in the UK. Other symbols of respect are available so why the loyalty to the red poppy. Of course the British establishment love nothing more than talking of the war it gives tham an angle to reminisce of a time no one remembers so they can create a false sense of patriotism. Richi Sunak says higher taxes and spending cuts needed to satisfy the markets. Why this adherence to the markets. Who are these faceless and hidden forces Sunak call the markets. This is a setback to those suffering with austerity and inflation.  Sir Keir Sarmer reiterates his adherence to ‘make Brexit work’ and we examine how that goes against Scottish opinion and puts Anas Sarwar in an awkward position. However nobody in the MSM dares ask him.

15th Nov

We got a message from Kate Reid asking if we could play her digital downloads. I was live on air and decided to have a ‘blind playing’ without hearing it. This is risky but i thought we could all listen together to Coffee and Toast together. Our collective response was wow what an amazing POEM. This was a pro Scottish message about Kates move from No to Yes for independence. Very powerful that we invited Kate on today for a chat. She is a fantastic singer/ songwriter and She is Mine is a song about Scotland in all its beauty. A lovely guest and positive about her new life up in Sutherland.

16th Nov

Another message this time on facebook from the management team for Martin Stephenson who plays with the Daintees. Was sent his new song Early Morning Drive and offered an interview to promote the tour. Martin was ful of stories from his early career as a busker to being signed up to Kitchenware Records. Lovely fella who is enjoying life on the road and being a resident of Scotland.

17th Nov

The first of hopfully many appearances on Caledon Radio for my brilliant sparring partner Bill Cruickshank. Bill was on today to speak about how the Autumn statement offered nothing to those on benefits or the low waged. Cop27 fears of backtracking on the Scottish Government initiative of paying back from the global North to the worst affected in the Global South. It appears some countries are trying to unpick agreements and waterdown committments including the UK government.

18th Nov

Alistair Heather joined me for a look ahead at the Na Trads awards coming up. However we looked at his promotion of telling our male pals that leering at women is not acceptable. Poliical issues came up an Ally is a big supporter of independence.

Written by: Norrie Hunter

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