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Well another great weekend radio play with  the Saturday sports show with Aaron Machan Glen Reid and Norrie Hunter having a blast to the  more sedate Christian Caledon on Sunday followed by Cliff Purves shows we are putting out more programmes due to the crowdfunder.

Mon 10th and its a busy Norrie Hunter show with all the weekend news to digest and loads more new music to assimilate but on a Monday we looked at the aftermath of the ferries story which the BBC couldn’t resist and the Tories seized on a story of its and buts and maybes at FMQ’s. Of course Douglas Ross fizzled out. This beggged the question does he have long before he is sacked from his post as branch manager. The mood music at the Tory party conference seemed to have a lack of faith in Ross. Elsewhere the home secretary was telling us of her dream of seeing a plane load of refugees being flown to Rwanda from Britain on the front page of the Telegraph. To say this as she was laughing was nauseous. Myself and Andrew both warned of the brutality of the Tory party

Tues 11th Oct was a day to welcome back serial tik tokker Cheryl Murphy. This woman is a single mum with an autistic child and recently had to give up her job to look after her wee boy. Autism for Cheryl is hard work having to make routines for her son so he can cope with his life a bit better. Cheryl was very relaxed on air and gave a great window into how difficult it is to be a carer. Benefits were a struggle and making ends meet was getting more difficult with austerity. Moving on we discussed the benefits of a break from routine. I put it that the Scottish Government should have time shares available for those those who help the state by caring for their relatives. Sometimes our mental health takes a battering and a holiday helps. We also looked at the death of Loretta Lynn as Cheryl revealed she loved old style country music. A nice way to round of an engaging chat with a fantastic guest

Wed 12th Today we are going international and are speaking to our Canadian guest Jamie Baillie a Canadian with a huge Scottish interest. We started with the big story over there the Hockey Scandal. Ice hockey is so popular that once the CEO and board of directors resigned over sexual allegations pay offs it opened up bigger questions of 1) who runs Hockey Canada and 2) what has happened to the finances of this massive organisation. Millions of dollars were paid out to quieten those affected. Canada is now asking big questions on the state of hockey. Make no mistake this is the biggest outrage ever. Jamie explained a root and branch review of the state of hockey must take place. Jamie talked about his new role on the board of The Scots Society and how he plans to move things forward. Having no connection with Scotland I asked was if this was a priority. Watch this space. Hurricane Fiona has devastated much of maritime Canada and federal government have been accused of not helping enough. A bit like Westminster and Scotland.  Exposed power lines being brought down by falling trees, homes being lost by eroded coastlines. Insurance payments not being paid out. The hurricane  has left its mark. Celtic Colours is underway the traditional music festival to lift the gloom. Caledon Radio have interviewed many of the Scottish musicians and all agree this is one of the best festivals to play at.

Thurs 13th. Its a member of the Caledon team Dave Murchison joining me today. Dave had been trying to get through the welfare system to keep him going while looking for another job. The story of job loss to facing the DWP is daunting for most and Dave was no exception. Being situated outside Inverness Dave had to spend 35hrs a week looking for work. Incredibly in a remote area these requests are preposterous. We looked at the systems of Scotland and the UK and contrasted them on fairness respect and dignity. Scotland 3 UK 0

Fri 14th This morning we spoke to Andrew Benjamin a member of Plaid Cymru who was on to tell us about the Welsh independence campaign. When asked about joining forces with those wanting Irish reunification Andrew reluctantly admitted Wales are not at the stage of where Scotland are in the move towards independence and must rely on Scotland leading the way. Wales will then  not want to stay in a union on their own with England and move for independence. We discussed the Labour party and it is known in Wales that Anas Sarwar is a fraud compared to Mark Drakeford. One works constructively with and indy suporting party Sarwar doesn’t.  Important note that Wales is an Anglo Saxon name for Cymru meaning foreigner. Perhaps it is time to drop that title. Once that happens their can be no Prince of Wales

Written by: Norrie Hunter

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